Window and Door Minders

Existing Thermostat: Our Door and Window Minder system is extremely adaptable and can be used with your current thermostat, we simply add our receiver in your unit and you can monitor 20 windows and doors. 
Once a window or door is left open it will shut off the HVAC system. 

Few things are a bigger waste of energy than leaving a door or window open while your HVAC system is running.
Has your tenant ever left a
door or window open?
We have a product that will "work with any thermostat" called
The Window and Door Minders. 

If a door or window is left open for longer than 90 seconds it will shut down the HVAC system. When the door or window is closed the HVAC system will return to normal operation. The iPachie DoorMinder will stop this misuse while still providing comfort to your tenant.

Set it, Forget it and Save Money!

Automated Peace of Mind

The iPachie Motion Detection Commercial Appliance Thermostat system has a built-in transceiver that talks to the door and window minders. If your tenant leaves them open the system shuts down the HVAC.
You can monitor up to 40 doors and windows! 

Our system manages minimum abuse while delivering maximum savings.

Never fret about tenants forgetting to close a door or window again. Get massive energy savings by calling us at (251) 967-2111!

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