Smart Water Heater Management System from Gulf Shores to Your Shores

Did you know that your water heater represents between 16% to 25% of your total utility bill?

Your water heater has no idea if the property is occupied or not. Our system monitors occupancy and shuts off the water heater when unit is unoccupied. Saving you money. 
Set it Forget it and Save Money!

Water Heater Controls

WaterGate will Control Water Leak Damage... Coming Soon

How would you like it if you could have a system that detects leaks and shuts off the water before you have massive water damage?
Did you know that many rental properties especially high-rise condominiums have water leaks, that not only destroys their condo but condos below them?

Coming soon we will be releasing the "Watergate" system to solve this problem! 

Responsive Power Regulation for Hot Water Heaters

With the Thermonator, you can eliminate wasted energy used to power the water heater when no one is home to use it. By monitoring the occupancy of your property, the Thermonator will shut off the hot water heater when it detects that no one has been home for a pre-set number of hours. When a window or door is opened, the "revolving timer" function pushes back the scheduled shut-off of your system, ensuring that as long as someone is home, they'll never be without hot water!
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