Energy Saving Solutions

Automated Energy Saving Solutions from Gulf Shores to Your Shores

Coastal Green Air products are proven to save energy used by HVAC systems, reduce power bills, and greatly extend the life of heating and air conditioners alike.

While any property owner can enjoy these benefits, our services and products are especially useful to landlords. The average rental property is vacant 145 days of the year, leaving a lot of room for energy inefficiency. With Coastal Green Air by your side, you can save money both when your property is occupied and vacant!

Boost the Efficiency of Your Rental Property

The iPachie system is an all-in-one solution that helps rental property owners ensure the most efficient usage of their HVAC system. This smart system is deceptively simple - all tenants will ever notice is that the heating and AC shut off when they leave the windows and doors open. Beneath the surface lies a sophisticated and robust system of automation that responds seamlessly to changes in temperature and occupancy. Unlike Wi-Fi thermostats, landlords never need to worry about resetting routers, or being without signal on their cellphones; the iPachie system just works. 

The end results are straightforward: shut off the HVAC system when doors and windows are left open, limit tenants' ability to select wasteful settings, automatically go into power saving mode when nobody is home. All of this is done automatically for you, so you can truly "set it, forget it, and save."

Is Our Service Right for You?

If you need help deciding whether our products and services are right for your situation, we urge you to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Has your energy provider ever dropped your rates?
  • Is your current Wi-Fi thermostat causing more problems than it is solving?
  • Is your small rental property's power bill higher than that of your home?
  • Do your renters/tenants often leave windows or doors open?
  • How high is your thermostat set at this very moment?
  • Is your HVAC system or water heater running when your property is vacant?
  • Have you ever seen your AC unit freeze over?
  • Who pays the power bill each month for my vacation property?
  • Who controls the energy usage each month in my vacation property?
  • How does your management company view your property's energy usage?
  • Is the sweat from your AC unit causing your exterior paint to fade?
  • Is salty air infiltrating and degrading the furnishings in your home?
  • How often are your tenants at home, and how often do they think to adjust the thermostat to a more energy efficient setting?
  • Are your lights, electronic devices and hot water heater often left on when no one is home?

With our help, you can address each and every one of these questions and concerns with total confidence!

Are you ready to save on your monthly power bill? Call us at (251) 967-2111!

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