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Do your guests or tenants keep the doors open while running your HVAC system?

Is your AC cranked down, water heater on, no occupant or tenant around? Want it to stop? Coastal Green Air energy and money saving appliance has the answer! It is our mission to provide resort property owners, hotels, schools, colleges, restaurants, churches, office buildings and homeowners alike with the most efficient saving products and systems available. We help you assure maximum automatic cost savings in both occupied and unoccupied properties with full consideration to occupant comfort levels at all times.

The Problem

Our founder, Jerry Peters, has over 30 years of experience in real estate, sales and property management. As an owner of many income-producing properties himself, Jerry recognized a big problem that needed to be solved: negligent use of HVAC systems by tenants and housecleaning staff alike. From leaving a window open while the AC is running to running inefficient temperature settings to forgetting to turn off the heating when leaving the house, all that wasted energy was effecting the bottom line of his investments. 

Our Solution

With his goals clear in mind, Jerry founded Coastal Green Air to develop products that would afford property owners a greater level of control over the output of their HVAC systems. The iPachie Motion Detection Commercial Appliance Thermostat was soon developed, and has proven itself in properties throughout the United States. With the iPachie system, all tenants remain comfortable day and night while you, as the landlord, achieve your goals of energy efficiency, cost savings and lower maintenance issues.

A Word About iPachie from Jerry

Our iPachie system is very simple to operate, but is nevertheless loaded with "smart" functionality. With customized temperature and timer settings, the only thing your tenants will notice is that their HVAC systems will not function when they leave the doors or windows open. Everything else in the iPachie will take care of the property on its own without having to be monitored through a smartphone or PC. 

There is a significant marketing effort targeting property owners to purchase Wi-Fi controlled thermostats for managing the power consumption of their rental properties.

After a few months of using this type product, customers will inevitably see many issues arise that they weren't told about prior to purchase. Problems can occur when:
  • The Wi-Fi router malfunctions or resets
  • The property owner is unreachable, thanks to a dead cellphone battery or a PC without internet connection
  • The need for a system reboot arises
In these and other circumstances, tenants are frustrated and uncomfortable, while landlords are inconvenienced by the need to appear personally (or send someone) onsite to fix the problem.
Even when these Wi-Fi products are working properly, you still have to manage the settings every time a new guest leaves or arrives in order to continue optimal operation for energy savings. 

Additionally, very few systems in the market can monitor the doors or windows nor can they reset the temperature while they are away for the day. Why would you want to cool your property for 8-10 hours each day at 70° when no one occupying the unit? 

At Coastal Green Air, we are equally sensitive to the needs of your tenants to remain comfortable as we are to your need to not spend an arm and a leg on energy and maintenance costs. We have a program and a plan for your property no matter your location or the size of your property. Please take a moment to look over the information provided on how all of our products work.

I think you will find what we have developed makes good sense for rental properties. Thousands of iPachie systems have made it to the market in the past 10 years, finding a home in properties all over the world. As a testament to the value we provide, we have many clients that purchase our product each time they purchase another rental property. 

If you are one of the rare few who are not concerned about your power bill, the condition of your property or the life of your HVAC unit... this product is not for you!

Jerry Peters 
President, Coastal Green Air, Inc. 

Tired of losing money on your rentals? Call us at (251) 967-2111!

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