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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Can I install this myself? Yes, if you have some electrical experience and can read and understand the installation guide you can install the iPachie and DoorMonitors yourself. When installing the Thermonator (water heater controller) you need to hire an electrician due to the high voltage; 220 volts. 

2. Is there any maintenance necessary ? The only maintenance is changing the "batteries" in the door/window transmitters; they should be replaced between the 2nd and 3rd year after installation. 

3. How many door/window transmitters can I use with the iPachie system? You can use 32 door/window transmitters, 8 entry/exit door transmitters and 8 wireless PIR occupancy sensors. 

4. Will the iPachie ever lose its programming due to power outage? No, the memory is non-volatile. 

5. Can I change the temperature settings for custom applications? YES, all parameters can be adjusted to your own preference. You can create your own personal passcode for this purpose. 

6. Can I override the temperature limits for my personal use? Yes, to change from the rental mode to the VIP mode simply enter your personal 4 digit pass code. 

7. What can I expect for my KW savings? Our data collected ranges from 33% to 47%; based on an annual analysis. Properties and dwellings have many variables that determine energy use; number of tenants, outside temperature, age and type of HVAC, type of windows, number of days occupied etc. 

8. Are CGA products tax deductible? Yes, if your property is being used as rental property. New Paragraph

9. What is the warranty? All CGA products come with a 2 year limited warranty. 
10. Will the iPachie turn the heat or cooling off in the middle of the night because there is no motion? 
No, we use Advanced Occupancy Detection (AOD) to insure that the guest is comfortable while saving the most energy. AOD works with the Entry/exit DoorMonitors and the PIR occupancy sensors to know if the dwelling is occupied. Knowing is better than guessing. Some WiFi thermostats are really just guessing. AOD waits for the entry door to close and then looks for motion for 30 minutes. If it does not see someone in hour it assumes that they went out the door, but if it sees someone it knows that it is still occupied and turns off all timers. Therefor you can go lay in the bed all night and the iPachie stays just like you set it. Then the next time someone opens the Entry door, it all starts over. 

11. The recommended Thermonator setting is 2 hours. Will the tenants run out of hot water? No, the Thermonator is paired to all door and window monitors and the iPachie thermostat. Whenever someone opens a door or window or the iPachie detects motion the water heater is turned on for 2 more hours. The water is heated to its maximum temperature in about a hour. Also, water heaters store a large amount of hot water and it stays hot for days; even when the water heater is turned off. 

12. Will the iPachie work on my system? Yes, the iPachie works on virtually all HVAC systems including Fan Coil systems. Some Mini-Split systems can accommodate wired thermostats and some cannot; the iPachie will work on the Mini-Splits with the wired capability, but not on the others. 

13. Will the DoorMinder system work with my existing thermostat? Yes, but it only has one function; to disable the HVAC system when the doors or windows are open for 2 minutes (or longer). 

14. If I only purchase the iPachie system now can I add the Thermonator, Watergate and other CGA products later? Will they be compatible? Yes, all CGA products are backward compatible. 

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