iPachie Motion Detection Commercial Appliance Thermostat

The Most Advanced Motion Detection Commercial Appliance Thermostat System from Gulf Shores to Your Shores

The iPachie was developed with many features designed to save the property owner money while keeping the renter comfortable and happy. Average annual savings of utility cost range from 23% to 47%. The iPachie is not just a thermostat, it is an energy saving appliance. The complete iPachie system generally pays for itself within 12-14 months or even less in properties larger than 1200 square feet. Invest in your comfort and energy efficiency with our help at Coastal Green Air!

Energy Management
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Ideal for Rental Properties

The iPachie system provides you with more than just money savings. It also provides you with a great deal of time savings or what some of our clients have described as "Freedom!" You no longer need to worry about policing anyone abusing your property related to energy savings. 

Did you know the average tenant spends 8-10 hours away from your property each day? You can bet before they left, they did not say, “Let’s turn the temperature up or down while we are gone to save the property owner money”! The iPache appliance thermostat solves this problem. The Advanced Entry Door System managed by the iPachie assumes everyone has left your property after a preset time you have programmed, the iPachie will automatically manage the settings up or down to maximize your energy saving efforts. If someone remains in the unit after the Advanced Entry Door System has been engaged, our motion sensors will detect those that remain in the property telling the iPachie not to change any settings. When the tenant returns and opens the entry door the iPachie will automatically know to return to the last temperature setting before the property became vacant. This energy saving feature alone saves the property owner from $1-$3 per day every day, while the tenant has not experienced any discomfort. Easy do it yourself installation and the iPachie comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty. 

 This system a true win-win option for landlords and renters alike.

iPachie System vs. WiFi System

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iPachie Overview

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